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A Recap of Transtek’s Wonderful Journey to the 32nd FIME

From June 21st to 23rd, 2023, We embarked on an extraordinary journey to Miami Beach to attend the prestigious Florida International Medical Expo (FIME). At the event, Transtek unveiled impressive presence for its excellent health monitoring devices, telehealth devices, services and solutions.

Among all of showcased products, Our new type blood pressure monitor TMB-2296 with integrated arm and wrist are acclaimed by customers on site due to its compact design, exquisite interface and multiple functions. Due to the accelerated aging population in developed countries, the issue of hearing loss has received significant attention. As a leading manufacturer of home medical products, We are increasingly penetrating into the middle-aged and elderly healthcare market by launching Bluetooth hearing aids to help improve hearing problems. During the exhibition, the hearing aids earned the recognition of professionals and the praises of the target customers.

Apart from the household blood pressure monitors, portable blood glucose meters also have immense potential in the healthcare market. We presented two latest models LS-2022 and TBG-2285. It is noteworthy that our LS-2022 Bluetooth blood glucose meter product has completed the application for FSA/HRA/HAS eligible blood glucose test strips in the US market. US users can purchase through health benefits similar to medical insurance cards or health savings accounts. It not only provides great convenience for US user to purchase and use the products, but an opportunity to expand its market share in the United States in the field of medical produts.

During these three days, We received over 100 customers from all over the world. Apart from the loyal customers, it has also attracted many new customers from North America, South America and Europe, including offline chain pharmacy channel providers, distributors and government representatives. In particular, customers from Brazil and Mexico with extensive offline pharmacy channels have shown great recognition for medical products. After three days’ in-depth discussion, Our elite sales team has established a strong partnership with Brazilian clients and has successfully reached a cooperation agreement with a well-known medical distributor in India for Bluetooth hearing aids.

FIME has become the most prestigious medical trade and exchange platform in the Americas that attracts attendees ranging from renowned enterprises to experts in the healthcare industry. Meanwhile, the potential of the healthcare market in North America is immense with a high demand for healthcare devices. As a professional provider of medical-grade remote health monitoring equipment and services, has deeply delved into the overseas business for many years and established stable relationships with customers in developed countries in the North America. During the exhibition, We has seized the opportunities provided by FIME to further strengthen its connections and collaborations with Americas by leveraging its technical advantages and manufacturing experience accumulated over years to expand its brand influences and visibility in Americas and even the globe.

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