Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Transtek Medical, it is our belief that science and technology can not only enhance product quality but also have a major impact on social and economic growth.   

We have made multiple efforts to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and provide a better environment for our organization and the current society. Therefore, we have made significant investments in a learning mechanism for our staff. We do my best to increase the added value of our goods and the capabilities of our manufacturing processes through multi-dimensional learning sessions, as well as continuous development and innovation.

The success of our company depends on satisfying our clients with superior goods and trustworthy service. All of our manufacturing facilities have obtained ISO 9001 certification for their quality management systems. Transtek has shown its dedication to and concern for the environment by the use of clean industrial procedures, a green supply chain, and green production. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification demonstrates our dedication to protecting the environment. In addition, we have an extensive occupational health and safety management system.

We make an effort to reduce occupational safety and health risks through risk assessment, training, and health promotion activities to increase employee awareness of health and safety.


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Transtek Shines at the 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair

From April 11th to 14th, Transtek participated in CMEF 2024 in Shanghai, made a notable debut with nearly a hundred products, garnering widespread attention from both domestic and international customers. At the exhibition, Transtek and the group’s other two brands – Rencare ECG monitoring brand and Lifesense brand – made a concentrated appearance. With a rich product portfolio and strong innovation, they captured the interest of numerous attendees. Transtek showcased various smart blood pressure monitors, over-the-counter hearing aids, health scales, and blood glucose meters, including several new products that received significant acclaim. Throughout the event, Transtek welcomed visits from existing customers such as Withings and Beurer, while also attracting many new inquiries from potential customers interested in further collaboration. During the new product launch conference held at 3:00 pm on April 12, Transtek unveiled the new BBZ series and BBY series blood pressure monitors, sparking lively discussions. These new blood pressure monitors feature standardized movement and offer flexible customization in various designs. Moreover, they introduce significant functional innovations, including a 4G communication module, a self-developed pregnancy glucose algorithm, and oscillometric atrial fibrillation screening, aimed at improving the detection rate of atrial fibrillation. The event was live-streamed on overseas social media platforms, allowing remote customers to participate virtually. Rencare made its inaugural appearance at the exhibition, showcasing products such as anesthesia depth detectors, fetal monitors, multi-parameter patient monitors, vital signs monitors, and handheld oximeters, impressing attendees with their elegance. Lifesense exhibited a range of products including hearing aids, ECG garments, ECG machines, and blood pressure monitors. Among these, the hearing aid products stood out prominently. Du Jiajun, head of Lifesense, expressed in a media interview his aspirations for all pharmaceutical companies to utilize the CMEF platform for discussing the reform and development of the pharmaceutical industry, and to explore new methods, models, and paths for its advancement.

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