How Does the Smart Body Weight Scale Work?

With the continuous progress of technology, everything seems to become “smart”, such as telephones, watches, refrigerators, and even scales. However, people may ask, what is a smart body weight scale? Is it worth buying?

1. What is a smart body weight scale?

The real intelligence of the smart body weight scale lies in its processing method for recording data, for it knows what information to share with applications. Like any other “smart” devices, the smart body weight scale can automatically track and store its data through an Internet-based system. You may also see these devices called “WiFi” scales, but actually, they are one thing.

We regard the scale as a tool for measuring weight. At least, this is what they have done in the past. This function is still available today, but the smart body weight scale can do more.

2. How does the smart body weight scale work?

A method called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) helps the smart body weight scale to work. And this basically means that the scale can measure the degree to which our body resists electrical impulses. In order to achieve this goal, the scale will actually send a low-level electrical signal through our body and detect its moving speed.

Electricity flows through our bodies’ water and bones faster than through fat (with less water). Remember, water is a good conductor. So the more water you have in your body, the faster the current travels. Different body tissues contain different levels of water.

When you step on the smart body weight scale, you will notice that it has 2 or 4 electrodes. These electrodes send current through the lower part of your body and then analyze the results. According to the transmission speed of current, the scale can use different equations to estimate the fat, bone, and muscle mass in people’s bodies.

Once these values are determined, the scale can send the information to your application for storage and tracking. Most scales do this automatically every time you step on them. Your application will have different tools to track changes in this data and allow you to set goals for yourself.

Many smart body weight scales are compatible with multiple fitness applications, while others use their own applications. These applications are usually free.

3. Is a smart body weight scale worth buying?

In fact, the cost of a smart body weight scale is not much higher than that of a non-smart digital bathroom scale. Pay $10 more and your scale will be smart! Nothing bad. Lifesense portable ultra-thin Bluetooth bathroom scale weighs precisely, displays body composition, and possesses a large display screen. If you like tracking data, you will like the functions that the smart body weight scale can provide.

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