Transtek and Omron Join Hands to Explore Innovative Healthcare Initiatives

On January 22, Mr. Zhao Yao, the General Manager of Omron Healthcare Medical (China) Co., Ltd., and Ms. Jia Na, Director of Omron’s Strategic Development Department, visited Transtek for a tour and discussion.

Mr. David Pan, Chairman of Transtek, and Mr. Peter Pan, CEO, welcomed the Omron delegation. The purpose of Omron’s visit was to explore innovative healthcare initiatives in collaboration with domestic medical enterprises, discuss cooperative development of medical products, and engage in medical innovation projects.

As a globally renowned healthcare and medical company, Omron has achieved remarkable success in the fields of hypertension management and respiratory health. It serves as a benchmark for the industry and is a model for many Chinese medical enterprises. During this visit, Transtek showcased its strength and innovative capabilities to Omron and expressed great expectations for collaboration.

During the visit, Mr. David Pan introduced Omron’s leadership team to the basic information about Transtek. He highlighted the company’s core competitive advantages, including independent research and development of products. Transtek has been committed to being a leader in “medical-grade remote health monitoring” and focuses on areas such as electrocardiogram (ECG) device development, wearable medical devices, hypertension and cardiovascular disease monitoring, and prevention. The company takes pride in its technological innovation and product quality, continually driving progress in the medical and healthcare sector. Omron expressed optimism about Transtek’s future prospects.

CEO Peter Pan led the Omron delegation on a tour of Transtek’s facilities, including the Transtek showroom, blood pressure monitor production workshop, quality inspection workshop, testing laboratory, 3D smart warehouse, and intelligent core components factory. Ms. Jia Na from Omron commended the scale and modernity of Transtek’s facilities and stated that Transtek’s overall level has reached that of Omron’s Dalian factory, with certain areas even excelling in standardized processes. She expressed the desire for both parties to organize exchanges in production process technology and invited the management team from Omron’s Dalian factory to visit Transtek.

After the conclusion of this visit, Mr. Zhao Yao expressed that Omron and Transtek can promptly establish a strategic cooperation mechanism to jointly advance the development of the medical and healthcare sector, providing better medical services to patients worldwide and contributing to the progress of the medical and healthcare industry.

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