Transtek explored new opportunities in the Southeast Asian market

Transtek participated in the 6th China (Indonesia) Trade Fair from March 13 to 16, and then participated in the 3rd China (Vietnam) Trade Fair from March 27 to 29. At present, there is still huge demand space in overseas markets, and Transtek is also continuing to dig deep into overseas market opportunities and accelerating the expansion of global business. This year is the first time that Transtek has participated in exhibitions in Indonesia and Vietnam, which is of great significance to Transtek’s overseas layout. The economy in Southeast Asia is developing rapidly, especially in the fields of consumption, medical care and retail, and the market potential is huge. As the economy improves and the population ages, the region’s demand for quality medical services is growing. Indonesia and Vietnam are key gateways to enter the Southeast Asian market. Transtek has played a role in promoting the growth of the company’s market share in the region by participating in exhibitions in new markets in Southeast Asia.

In this exhibition, Transtek focused on displaying a series of smart electronic scales, including ultra-thin series, minimalist series and kitchen scales, aiming to present customers with a rich and diverse product matrix. In order to meet the needs of local customers, Transtek’s weighing department carefully selected four colors from the 2024 Pantone popular colors, including peach, light blue, mint and pastel, for customization to ensure that the product blends in better local market. At the same time, Transtek also exhibited home medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors and blood glucose meters to meet customers’ needs in health management. At the exhibition site, Transtek ‘s booth attracted many customers to inquire and have in-depth conversations with the sales staff. Customers have expressed their love and recognition for Transtek products.

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