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Transtek has reached a strategic cooperation with a well-known Eastern European medical device brand

On June 14, 2023, Transtek held the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement with a well-known Eastern European medical device brand in Shenzhen, China. This signing ceremony represented a new milestone in the path to further expand reach to the globe, marking the tremendous stride into the Eastern European market in the field of blood pressure monitors.

Both parties attended this event to celebrate and witness this exciting moment. This event highlights the insightful analysis and bright prospects for the cooperation. The brand owns a wide range of offline pharmacy channels as one of the main sales channels in the local area, opening up new opportunities for company. We will carry out all-round strategic cooperation with the brand owner through multiple channels such as offline chain pharmacies and online e-commerce platforms, which will not only expand our sales regional layout in the Eastern European market, but also further improve overseas sales performance.

By now, We have extensive collaboration involves several models of blood pressure monitors. It is expected that the transaction amount till 2028 will reach over 200 million RMB. This event underscored our dedication to establishing long-standing, stable and reliable partnerships with its partners, benefiting more patients with its high-quality products and advanced technologies.

As a leading company engaging in the medical device industry for over 20 years, We has established ecological partnerships with top-notch companies and brands in the health management industry to achieve efficient resource integration and further expand its brand’s influence in the global market. At present, Our company has a multi-dimensional sign monitoring product line in the field of health IoT. The company’s production qualification has obtained the medical device quality system certification of mainstream countries. “, Korean GMP and other national certifications, which can meet the regulatory requirements of different markets at home and abroad. Lexin Medical is actively deploying a global sales network, and currently provides products and services to 86 countries and regions around the world. The conclusion of this strategic cooperation will further improve the global layout of company, expand the international influence of the brand, and achieve a stable growth in the company’s value.

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