Transtek Sport –The solution for Suredoc Campus Digital Physical Education was rated as the “Demonstration Project of Sports Industry in Guangdong“

On July 31, Transtek’s sport solution called Suredoc Campus Digital Physical Education was selected as “the Demonstration Project of Sports Industry in Guangdong Province” after evaluation, which was published on the official website of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau.

 In the context of the new physical education standards and the digital physical education project 2.0 required by the ministry of education, the primary challenge for sport professionals is to leverage the digital teaching technology to improve the modern teaching level of teachers and conduct more accurate physical education for students, so as to cultivate students’ sports habits and improve students’ interest in sports.

We developed a Suredoc Campus Management System for the youth’s sport and health that combines the internet, smart wearables, health data, and AI technology. It is an exceptional solution integrated with both software and hardware to facilitate the digitalization of physical education.

The features of this system include AI-based physical fitness tests for students, intelligent vision screening, monitoring exercise heart rate for the whole class, and smart sport teaching such as rope skipping. It can also monitor students’ daily health indicators such as weight, vision, exercise, sleep, stress, blood oxygen saturation and calorie consumption, and boosts the communications and collaborations between parents and teachers in physical education.

 In addition, Transtek’s sport solution of Suredoc Campus Digital Physical Education has been demonstrated in more than 200 schools, with over 100 schools signed and delivered. It has provided a digital system platform and great technical support for the “2022 Zhongshan City Thousands of Students Digital Skipping Activity” organized by the Zhongshan Education and Sports Bureau. A total of 94 schools, 897 classes, and 38,708 primary and secondary school students participated in the digital skipping activity, with a cumulative total of over 5.13 million jumps, which has pioneered the digital skipping competition in Zhongshan City.

The system has been widely used in scientific research and high-level training of major universities and sports teams. have adopted Suredoc digital training load monitoring system and equipment was adopted by Tsinghua University and Jinan University as a regular practice in their track and field teams. Moreover, it has begun to be used in sports research projects at top universities in China.

The accurate monitoring of scientific training load is in high demand in the university and professional sports team. With its excellent smart wearable device solution, Our system effectively meets the demand for professional equipment and data localization.

Following the national call and the corporate philosophy of “supporting the scientific sports and healthy growth of millions of Chinese youth”, We will continuously improve the product system in practice, and provide higher quality products and solutions for digital physical education to help students to exercise in a scientifical and healthily manner, and achieve high-quality development of digital physical education!

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